Sunday, August 22, 2004

Feedback on running cabling

Some good advice, courtesy of Geoff Timm:


Just had some cable pulling done at Northrop-Grumman St. Augustine, I talked
to the guys from TLA.
Because of new security rules they don't carry knives anymore. A pair of
very strong shears replaces the function.

They also mentioned running into metal grid backed plasterboard. They
didn't know if it was a noise / RF reduction effort, but it made a standard
drywall saw useless.

If you go through drywall, don't forget a GOOD shop vac.

If you end up with modular furniture panels against a wall, check the
corners and see if the installers left an access through the corner pillar
through the wall for access to the bottom cable run.

A couple of strong toothpicks can help set difficult ceiling panels.

Beware of insulation batting tossed on top of ceiling panels for noise
suppression. Think itching powder.

Depending on the climate, insect repellant can be a life saver, or at least
save your sleep.

Always ask employees to leave the immediate area, I'm sure you've heard the
old "Urban Legend" about the electrician, the young lady of considerable
cleavage, the ceiling panel and the large hairy spider.

Geoff Timm
Who never has fun like that, I end up trying to force cat 5 patch cables
under improperly installed modular furniture panels, while the Floridians
are operating electric heaters, because the temperature in the office is
under 78 F!

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