Saturday, August 21, 2004

Network cabling job

One of my clients called me this week. Her business is moving into a new office. It's been renovated but there's no cabling for the LAN or telephones. So, aside from helping move their servers, etc., she wanted to know if I could run the wiring. Running cable isn't my favorite thing to do but one of my good friends is an electrician and does a lot of it, and we've worked together in the past, so I told her I'd speak with him then get back to her.

I lucked out and my friend is available to do this job. We're looking at around two dozen or more drops, including both the LAN and telephone cabling. So, this is going to be a sizable job. The timing couldn't be better -- it's going to go a long way to paying for the new gutters and soffets my house needs.

I put together a proposal and emailed it to her this morning. We're planning to do the job next weekend.

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