Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Colt AR-15A3 Tactical Carbine

I went up to Surplus City tonight and picked up a Colt AR-15A3 Tactical carbine.

Apparently, Colt will not be selling any AR-15s in no-ban configuration to Joe Citizen, so this rifle will probably keep or increase its value (not that I plan on selling it).

Mine's a police trade-in but in excellent shape. Rob, the owner, told me that he sold ~20 of these today, along with a number of Colt ARs in 9mm. He also had a bunch of Mini-14 GBs with standard cap mags, and Ruger PC-40 carbines with normal mags.

A couple of really crappy pics of my rifle are at:



Cost? Maybe too much, but you only live once and I wanted to get one while the getting was good.

I'm taking a day off on Thursday and will post a range report.

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