Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Lycoris picks up e-Smith SME Server

Long-time readers (all four of you) will know that I run the mail server for on e-Smith SME Server. In a nutshell, SME is a Red Hat-derivative that in about 15 minutes lets you take a whitebox PC and turn it into the functional equivalent of a Cobalt Qube, complete with POP/IMAP/SMTP for email, DNS, DHCP, firewalling/router functionality, and file/print services. It's been rock solid for me. The current uptime on is 249 days. Likewise, an e-Smith box that I setup purely as a file server for a client just sits there and runs, with extended power failures being the only cause of downtime.

Last year, Mitel, the company which owned the commercial version of e-Smith spun off the unsupported version, which was hosted at Not much has happened with the free version of the platform since then.

So, it was good to hear that the moribund e-Smith was bought by Lycoris. Hopefully, this will cause more folks to give it a shot. I hope it takes off.

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