Sunday, November 14, 2004

Another Wireless Network Install

I installed a wireless network at the home of one of my clients this morning. I had her order the equipment -- Netgear's 802.11g wireless router/PC card NIC combo -- then after it came in scheduled the install.

It went smoothly. As expected her Compaq desktop had no problems getting online through the router. I then installed the NIC in her IBM Thinkpad 600 which runs Win98. That took a bit of fiddling but it worked fine after a little tinkering and the connection speed was fast.

I also got the chance to employ for the first time my Sandisk Cruzer Mini USB flash drive for its intended use, as a replacement for my "PC Toolkit" CD. Her Compaq desktop was exhibiting some flakiness, so I plugged the Sandisk into a front USB port on the box and installed Spybot Search & Destroy from the "antispy" folder on it. Read speed was quite fast, definitely faster than reading from a CD. Very handy.

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