Saturday, January 15, 2005


Shortly after I transferred into my current position I sent out requests for info to various vendors of content filtering, domain registration, and web hosting serivces. I did so either by sending an email to an address given on the respective vendors' web site, or by filling out an online "contact me" form.

The other day I got into work and there was a message in my inbox which just floored me. It was a reply to an online RFI form that I filled out on 7/27/04. This vendor replied to me nearly six months after I clicked the submit button on his website. I was just floored. How clueless can you be?

One of my coworkers had a great idea. I should save his email and reply to this moron sometime in June or July.


Anonymous said...

Now, now, be kind. With corporate mergers the norm, it may have just taken a while for someone to be appointed to handle that sort of thing.

Who suspects it's just cutting staffing until someone notices the customer base is disappearing.

Dave Markowitz said...

Geoff, I guess you're more charitable than I. I've been through my share of re-orgs in the past four years, but SIX MONTHS?

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think people drew the wrong conclusion from the Classic GM ADP story.

Back in the days of printed reports on 14/78" green lined paper, some wise guy at GM put a sheet of paper into each report that went out of his shop. All it said was: "To continue to receive this report, call xxxx"

None came back.

With recent experience with reorganizations I'm beginning to suspect current MBA thinking is to discontinue as much as possible, and wait for negative feedback, if any.

Geoff Timm
Who has been reorganized all the way from the North Coast, to the First Coast!