Thursday, January 20, 2005

What a day

The site survey I went on yesterday was educational. My background is on the Ethernet and fiber side of things. The survey, on the other hand, was basically a walk-through of the RF (CATV) installation at the hotel, in order to gather data on how to design a proper MDU Internet solution, using the existing CATV wiring to feed Internet access to each hotel room.

That took about three hours and we finished by 1310. By that time a minor snowstorm was moving into the Philadelphia area. I ran into it on the way home while still in Eastern NJ. Unfortunately, as soon as the first snowflake falls around here half the people turn into total morons.

Once I hit Route 42 outside of Philly traffic slowed to a crawl. I saw several cars and trucks pointing the wrong way by the side of the road. It took me until about 1745 to get home, by which time I was completely fried.

The weather liars are calling for a real snowstorm this weekend, starting Saturday afternoon and running into Sunday. They're calling for anywhere between 4 inches and a foot of snow, so it looks like it's finally time to go get some gas for the snowblower. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

"... half the people turn into total morons."
The others just remain stuck in half-moron mode?