Monday, June 27, 2005

It's already started

(Tip of the hat to Mad Ogre.)

FREEPORT - With Thursday's Supreme Court decision, Freeport (TX) officials instructed attorneys to begin preparing legal documents to seize three pieces of waterfront property along the Old Brazos River from two seafood companies for construction of an $8 million private boat marina.


The more I think about the SCOTUS decision in Kelo v. New London, the more steamed I get. By allowing a municipality to condemn unneglected private property so that it can be transferred to another private entity for the benefit of the state, the court has taken a step towards a kind of national socialism. Not Nazism as practiced in German 1933 - 1945, but an alliance of governmental and corporate interests with individual civil rights -- such as they are allowed to exist -- made subservient to the state and its corporate partners.

Unless something is done by the executive or legislative branches of the Fedgov, I see things turning ugly. Very ugly.

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Anonymous said...

Geoff Timm here!

This is a great ruling! It allows low level politicians to eliminate racial minorities legally!

Without any annoying minorities lowering property values, the economics of whole regions can be improved!

Who is in the majority. I think...