Friday, June 24, 2005

Thoughts on L.A.

(Warning, pent up blogging about to be unleashed.)

I am not real impressed with Los Angeles. It’s too big and spread out, there are tons of homeless people wandering around, and the traffic is as bad as New York City or Washington, DC. On top of that, the town rolls up the sidewalk early.

The L.A. Convention Center is nice, but whoever designed the parking garage was on crack. There’s a lot of wasted spaced.

Parking in L.A. seems reasonably priced, but I’m used to Philly, which is on the expensive side. Gas is more expensive in L.A., though. Jersey has worse drivers.

LAX is huge, bigger than Philadelphia Intl. I got my bags in about 20 minutes when I flew into LAX, which is definitely better than PHL (when flying into PHL I count myself fortunate if I get my bag in less than an hour). The signs for getting to the rental car return could be better. I got mixed up and had to drive around a bit until I got where I needed to be, so it’s good thing I got to the airport with too much time to kill.

The terminal in LAX is busy, crowded and loud.

Good thing: L.A. has some very hot women, but then so does Philly.

Did I mention L.A. traffic sucks?

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