Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lab day with SMC

Yesterday I spent almost all day in the lab with an engineer from SMC so that he could get a handle on the situation I'm having with the 6752 and 8612 switches. Among other things, he ran Ethereal to capture what's actually going across the wire when we plug into a port on the 6752 and try to use the IP3's automatic room-to-port mapping feature. Hopefully, with the data gleaned from yesterday's session, we'll soon have firmware which will allow us to:

1. Have client isolation on each port of the 6752.
2. Have remote, in-band management of the 6752 and 8612.
3. Allow the IP3 to use SNMP to automatically map rooms to ports on the 6752.

The other thing we're hoping to get is support for increased numbers of VLANs on the 8612s, which are aggregation switches. They currently support a maximum of 256 VLANs per switch, which just isn't sufficient for an aggregation switch; 1000 VLANs would be more like it. Hopefully this can be implemented in software and won't require a beefier processor or more memory on the box.

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