Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A productive day

I took a flex day today so that I could drop off my truck at the service station around the corner to get the required PA state inspection, oil change, and tires rotated. Thankfully, it didn't need any work. It was nice having a day to myself and I was able to get a lot done that I kept getting distracted from, to wit:
  • Cleaned out a large pile of papers and assorted junk from my office. Much got thrown out while some other stuff got shoved in the crawlspace.
  • Stripped the bolt on my M1938 Mosin-Nagant and cleaned out whatever goop the Soviets put in it when they arsenal refurbished it. Hint: non-chlorinated brake cleaner works extremely well for this, but use it outside so you don't kill too many brain cells. I still need to shoot this gun.
  • Replaced the stock cast firing pin on my CZ-52 with a machined aftermarket pin. (The original firing pins are notorious for breaking.)
  • Removed the firing pin and extractor from my Springfield M1911A1 and gave their recesses in the slide a good cleaning. Hopefully the last-round ejection problems I had with the gun the last time I shot it were due to the gunk in the extractor channel.
  • Ordered some Winchester .45 ACP 230 grain FMJ from MidwayUSA, along with a couple reloading items. WWB is my favorite .45 ACP practice load.
  • Downloaded, installed, and ran Crap Cleaner on Bagend.
  • Upgraded Thunderbird on Bagend to v1.5.
  • Found my copy of Bad Company's 10 From 6 and ripped it to MP3 format. What a great disc!
  • Ordered a Firefox t-shirt from the Mozilla Foundation to help support their development efforts. Who can't use another t-shirt?
One thing I looked for but didn't find was a GPLed or freeware program that runs on Windows and will allow me to rip just the audio from a DVD to MP3 format. I found several shareware programs but they all seem to be feature-disabled. The only DVD I have that I want to rip the audio from is Cream - Royal Albert Hall London -- May 2-3-5-6 05, and I don't want to pay $29 just for this, even if it's the best concert video I've seen. I did find one such program for Linux and OS X but I'd wanted to do this on Bagend. Any suggestions?


Don Armstrong said...

Well, I don't have personal experience with the Mosin-Nagant carbine, but I have used short-barrel centrefires, and I've heard that firing the MN carbine ((equivalent to a 30-06 or an 8mm Mauser, and who makes them in carbines?), as you'd know)is like letting a cannon off in your ear. That is, permanent irreversible hearing damage. As always but moreso, hearing protection is strongly recommended.

Dave Markowitz said...

Absolutely. I always wear hearing protection when shooting, even if it's just a .22 rimfire.

And yes, the Mosin-Nagant carbines are LOUD.