Monday, May 22, 2006

More ivy

Well, even after the Zanfel treatment I woke up in the middle of the night ready to jump out of my skin. I got a little relief with another hot shower and Zanfel scrub at 0330, but decided that it was time to stop self-medicating and call the doctor.

This morning I went to the doc and got a steroid shot and prescription for the Methylprednisone Dosepak, which is a six-day regimen of pills.

Aside from missing a day of work this especially sucks because I was enrolled in a company-sponsored CCNA prep class. Now it looks like I'll have to enroll in the next session.


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Dan Boelman RN, BSN said...

Dave -
Thank you for sharing your Zanfel experience. If you or anyone would like some additional information on poison ivy/oak/ sumac plant identification, or on poison ivy/oak/sumac prevention and treatment, please call me at
1-800-401-4002, menu option one. I can be reached via email at

Dan Boelman RN, BSN
Customer Service Manager
Zanfel Laboratories, Inc.