Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CCNA Training This Week

I'm in a "Introduction to CCNA" all this week, hence the light posting. It's being held in our Mt. Laurel, NJ office. So far so good, and while much of this is review, I've learned some shortcuts for subnetting which make it easier. The follow-on class, "Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices," is going to be mostly new material. The instructor isn't sure if he'll be able to get that in-house, or if he'll have to send us out to one of our training partners. ICND is going to require real equipment to break work with, so if he can't get the necessary gear in we'll go to the partner.

Regular work does go on, however, so I've had to jump on a few conference calls. Monday's and Tuesday's were after the class was done for the day, but I had to cut out for an hour this morning to be on another call. We have a high profile customer for whom it looks like we'll be replacing the LAN the we installed with better equipment, and upgrading them from a cable modem to a fiber Internet connection. My background in optical networking is going to be useful in this project.

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