Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Tasty Finale to the Weekend

This morning J. and her mother took the girls down to Maryland, to see her grandmother. I got to do errands.

After getting back home I spent some time getting reacquainted with my Remington Woodsman 1985 Bullet Knife out back. I also sampled some Latakia pipe tobacco from a tin I picked up on closeout for $2.00 at Holt's. Pretty nice.

Later on we barbecued some steaks. I had a WTF? moment when our gas grill would only half light. The left side fired up OK but not the right. I could hear the gas when I opened up the right side but it wouldn't light. It may be escaping before it gets to the right half of the burner bar. I've already replaced the burner bar and igniter once, and the replacement igniter died on me earlier this year. We've had the grill about five years and even though I keep it covered, parts seem to deteriorate a bit rapidly. I'm not going to sink any more money into it. I think it'll be time for a new gas grill next Spring.

With the gas grill on the fritz I uncovered the Coleman outdoor fireplace/grill and got a bag of charcoal out of the shed. I'd rather cook on a charcoal fire anyway.

My steak was round eye that had been marinating in Jim Beam Bourbon all afternoon. There was just a little bit of Bourbon taste but it helped keep the meat from drying out. For J. and the girls I cooked up a couple T-bones (one is leftover), which had been sprinkled with Lowrey's Seasoned Salt and garlic powder. I washed down my steak with a Hornsby's Hard Cider, a six-pack of which I picked up earlier today.

Not a bad way to finish the weekend at all.

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