Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ESR on Obama

Eric Scott Steven Raymond mirrors some of my thoughts:

No, what really put me off Barack Obama was the increasingly creepy and pathological tenor of the relationship between him and his fans. I think it was in mid-February, a bit before the Jeremiah Wright story got really ugly, that I started to notice my “Never Again!” nerves tingling.

I’m not Jewish. But I read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich at an impressionable age. Years later, what I learned in that book made me into an anarchist. What it did much sooner than that was to instill in me the same sense of the Holocaust as the central moral disaster of the 20th century that the Jews feel. It left me with the same burning determination: Never again! Ever since, I have studied carefully the forms of political pathology behind that horror and attended even more carefully for any signs that they might be taking root in the West once again.

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Eric Steven Raymond said...

That's Eric *Steven* Raymond, please. Scott is a perfectly good name, but it's not mine.

Dave Markowitz said...

Sorry about that! Fixed it.