Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Couple More Results from Google Trends

Following up on my earlier posts about keeping an eye on public mood via Google Trends, today I pulled up these two tidbits:



Objectivism (Ayn Rand's philosophy):


Both searches were limited to results from the US.  I find it interesting that even though the US just inaugurated its most left-wing president ever, there is an increased interest in two related political philosophies which emphasize individual rights over collective interests.  I think it probably reflects a reaction to not only the Democrats' victories, but also the increasingly big-government actions of the Republicans.

While Obama won about 52% of the popular vote, only about 56% of eligible voters bothered to show up.  Sure, a lot of this can be attributed to laziness, but much of it is due to utter disgust with the choices from which American voters get to pick.  E.g., would you like socialism or socialism lite?  For many people there just isn't a compelling difference between the two parties.  Those graphs above tell me that people are interested in an alternative.

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