Friday, March 13, 2009

Gun Springs

I've mentioned in past posts both here and on my Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog that having spare parts for your go-to guns is important, especially if you have only a few.  Among the spares you should have are springs.

Semiautos have a few springs that can wear out if you shoot the gun much.  E.g., hammer or striker spring, ejector spring, extractor spring, recoil spring, and magazine springs.  Springs aren't expensive, don't take up much space, and don't have an expiration date.  So, it's prudent to keep some on hand.

This morning I took my own advice to heart and ordered some spare springs for my M-1 Carbines from Wolff Gunsprings.  Specifically, I ordered one kit which includes all replacement springs for an M-1, except a mag spring, plus a pack of two recoil springs.  The spring kit will go into storage while the two extra recoil springs will be installed in my 1943 Rock Ola and my 1944 Underwood.  I haven't replaced the recoil springs in either rifle and nobody knows how many rounds each Carbine has shot.  It's a cheap form of preventive maintenance.

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