Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party Has Begun

As you can see from my past few posts, the Philadelphia Tea Party has started.  The turnout is at least several hundred folks on Independance Mall.  Male and female, black and white.  The first speaker is on now.

I will have better quality pics up later, setup in a Picasa album.

Now, time to hoist my own flag.

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Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Obama has made it clear that he couldn't care less what the TEA Party demonstrators were trying to get through his head, so will now enact his radical agenda regardless of the costs... and is willing to pull us into the abyss to do it.
In Barack's world, even if impeached tomorrow, he could always brag that he fired the CEO of GM- the ultimate class-enemy. And spending trillions of dollars' worth of your and the next 2-3 generations' money doesn't seem to bother him one bit- Obama acts like it doesn't even merit discussion. We hear plenty about his neckties, lengthy puppy-vetting process, and how Barack likes to play "hoops", though.
It's hard to imagine a worse combination in a leader than managerially-inexperienced narcissist with Bolshevik mentors and weird racial grudges.
This guy thinks he's king of the universe, when his resume doesn't qualify him to run a muffler shop. And the only apparent "qualities" besides soaring rhetoric are towering arrogance and a black-hole where his conscience was supposed to be... explains how he did so well in the mafia-like Chicago Machine.