Monday, May 18, 2009

Odd MacBook Pro Audio Issue

This morning I ran into an odd issue with Rohan, my MacBook Pro which I purchased new in January 2007.

Last night I had Rohan setup in my home office, connected to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, USB hub, FireWire 800 drive, and speakers.  When I shutdown for the night all the peripherals were attached.

This morning after getting into work I started Rohan as usual, including connecting a pair of external speakers.  However, the machine kept muting the audio itself.  I'd adjust the volume back up but within a minute it would mute itself again.

Searching on Google revealed some other users with this problem.  Apparently, if you have external speakers connected when you shutdown, then start the machine without speakers attached, the box will sometimes start this auto-mute behavior.

The fix was to connect external speakers and reboot.  After logging in again I haven't experienced the problem.  To prevent it from recurring, disconnect external speakers before shutting the machine off.

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