Thursday, June 18, 2009

Safari 4

I've been using Safari 4 since Monday and so far, it's been quite good.  Compared with Firefox it's much faster at loading pages, and seems to render most of them just fine.  I have run into a couple pages which didn't work.  E.g., when I tried to click through my Discover Card account page to Cabela's website, Safari hung on a redirect page, so I wound up using Firefox for that particular transaction.

Previously, the biggest thing keeping me in Firefox on my MacBook Pro was Adblock Plus.  It's much nicer browsing the web when you're not assaulted with obnoxious ads in Flash.  Faster, too.  Since installing Safari 4, I also installed the SafariBlock input manager, which uses the same block list as Adblock Plus.  SafariBlock appears to work as well as Adblock Plus.

One Firefox extension for which I'd like to see an equivalent Safari input manager would be Linkification.  In Safari if you pull up a page in which someone's typed a URL but failed to make it clickable, you can right click on it and then select to open it.  Linkification automates the process more, by recognizing such text URLs and making them clickable.

Overall however, so far so good with Safari 4.

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