Monday, December 07, 2009

Quick Range Report

I managed to get to the range twice this weekend.

Friday night was Alexandra's birthday party.  It was girl-only, so after I was kicked out once I gobbled down two slices of pizza I packed my range bag, drove over to my parents and picked up my dad and went to his club.

I shot my 1958-vintage Ruger Single Six and my Springfield XD9.  I've been leaving the Ruger in my range bag along with some Federal bulk pack .22 LR ammo.  This way if I go to my club -- about a 50 minute drive -- and the rifle ranges are occupied, I haven't wasted a trip.

The Old Model Single Six was well used when I got it several years ago.  The action is very smooth and the piece is accurate.  I ran about 30 rounds through it then switched to the Springer.

The XD9 continues to impress.  I figure I've got about 600 or 700 rounds through it so far, a mix of Speer 124 grain Gold Dot JHP, Federal 115 grain FMJ, and Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ.  So far I've had zero malfunctions.

My second range trip was yesterday, to verify the zero on my Norinco 84S AK in 5.56x45.  This was also the first time shooting it since swapping the furniture for some Romanian wood I had laying around.  It feels a lot better with the shorter length of pull.

I'd been planning to use the Type 84S in LRGC's upcoming Red, White and Blue Kalashnikov match.  Unfortunately, I had a couple of malfunctions for which I'm not certain of the cause, so it looks like I'll probably shoot my Yugo M70AB2T instead.

One thing which pleased me with the Norinco is that it's definitely more accurate than my AKs in 7.62x39.  I think this is probably due to the Prvi Partisan 5.56mm ammo being made better than the Russian 7.62x39 I generally shoot.  It would be interesting to see how well the Yugo or my Arsenal SLR-101 would shoot with American made ammo, but it's expensive.

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