Sunday, January 24, 2010

One More Network Change

Another home network change I forgot to mention in my last post is related to DNS on my home LAN.  For some time I've been using OpenDNS since their performance is consistently fast.  Last night I finally created an account with OpenDNS and implemented their DNS-based content filtering.

My impetus for this is that my daughters now have computers in their rooms.  They go to only a few sites for now but I don't want them clicking on something and going to Internet nastiness.  So, I set up custom filtering to block porn and phishing sites.

One thing that anyone considering a similar course of action is that it's only a supplement to proper adult supervision.  For one thing, they aren't foolproof.  Secondly, kids are a lot smarter than many adults give them credit for, and as they grow up with technology learn it very well.  I wouldn't be surprised to see my girls pick up networking rather easily and learn how to bypass controls I put in place. (To be honest, part of me would be pleased as punch.)

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