Friday, November 04, 2011

Men's Warehouse Sides with OWS

I just verified this personally. Men's Warehouse posted this on their Facebook page on Wednesday:

We closed our store near Oakland City Hall today, for one day, to express the company's concern for the issue of wealth disparity in our country. The issue affects our employees and customers across the political spectrum.

Link. (You'll need a FB account to view.)

Really!?!? Screw them. In the past year I bought two suits, two dress shirts, and two ties, plus rented a tux from MW.

They won't see another cent from me now.

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Jack Delahanty said...

If they feel so politically inclined then why didn't they close ALL their stores nationwide instead of just the one closest to the bunch with the itchiest looting fingers. There's nothing worse than a wussy that offers to pay protection money when none has been demanded. May their chains rest lightly...