Sunday, March 09, 2014

TNW Suomi Video

TNW Suomi

Here’s a short video of me shooting my TNW Firearms M-31SA Suomi. This is a  9mm Parabellum semiautomatic carbine based on the Finnish KP/31 Suomi submachinegun. This TNW reproduction is an inexpensive way to experience a cool piece of history.

My TNW Suomi functions perfectly when using 36 round box magazines but my 72 drum needs some fitting. The ammunition used in this video was Russian-made Brown Bear 9mm 115 grain FMJ. I've also shot it with Federal 9mm 115 grain FMJ.


Kendal Black said...

Neat and cool! That big heavy gun hardly moves at all shooting 9mm one at a time.

Dave Markowitz said...

Yup, recoil is very mild, about like a shooting a .22. Of course, most .22s weigh about half of what this rifle does.