Wednesday, October 01, 2014

New Mini CNC Mill from Defense Distributed

Cody Wilson, the guy who made the antigunners piss their pants with a 3D printed guns, is at it again. This time, it is a mini CNC mill that will retail for under $1500 and come ready to go out of the box. It's big enough to do 80% AR15 lowers and 1911 frames. Of course, it's not limited to making guns.

The hardware and software are open source. The website says that it'll be shipping for "Holiday 2014," and it's available now for pre-order.

This has the potential to be more significant for the right to bear arms than 3D printed guns. This will allow you to make the receiver (i.e., the part registered and controlled in the US) out of metal, from which the majority of guns are made. With many traditional designs you cannot simply substitute synthetics, due to engineering constraints.

Making gun control moot via technology will be one of the greatest advances for personal liberty that we see in the 21st Century.

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Anonymous said...

I wait with eager anticipation for downloadable software that will machine mill parts for revolvers and self-loading pistols. Just add screws, springs, a small slab of wood or plastic, and lumps cut off the barrel of that old rifle or carbine you ARE going to re-barrel (aren't you?), and hey presto! untraceable handgun. If the long-arm you re-barrelled was a .22WMR (or even .22LR - alla same), or a .30 Carbine, or a 32-20, or a .32 Federal or .357 or .44 Magnum, or a .45 Colt or .45ACP or .454 Casull or .460 S&W, or a .45-70, or .410-calibre or 28-gauge, even 32-gauge shotgun, or whatever; you may even have a reason to buy ammo for a rabbit, squirrel and woodchuck or coyote gun, or a deer-getter or bear-buster that's the same as that handgun you don't have.

The same gear may even be good for creating tools and dies, or moulds; or in desperation directly creating bullets and cartridge cases.

Now wait for a mini CNC lathe; and low-speed gearing, rifling attachment and bench-mount for a hand drill.