Thursday, January 27, 2005


Things have been a bit slow, hence the lack of extensive updates. Here's a roundup of what I've been up to:

Tuesday was a half day for me. Judith was taking a professional education course so I needed to be available to pick up the kids from daycare. It was nice being to spend more time than usual with them. Nothing is as cool as walking into a room, having Alexandra notice me, then have her run up to me screaming "Daddy!"

Yesterday I had a meeting with one of the vendors who handles our outsourced email. We want to consolidate with a single vendor, and naturally they want to be it. After the meeting I got a chance to review our existing contract with them. If nothing else, they have better attorneys than our other vendor, who's proposed contract looks like hell.

Gmail was acting up a bit yesterday afternoon. I wasn't able to login to it using Firefox on either of two PCs on two separate networks. IE worked OK, though. Wierd. It seems to be back to normal, now.

BTW, I have 5 Gmail invites. If you want one email me at davemarkowitz at

Last night I got home and had to immediately run out to get prescriptions filled for both kids. Alexandra has a sinus infection, while Amanda has an ear infection. Both are now on Augmentin. In light of this, I am pretty sure that Amanda will get tubes in her ears, like Alexandra. After taking care of that and making myself a sandwhich for dinner (neither Judith nor I felt like coooking), I flopped down in the living room with my iBook to do some surfing.

This morning I installed Ping Plotter and Multiping, both from Nessoft, onto my test laptop. I'm sure they'll come in useful at some point.

I continue to work my way through Jonathan Hassell's book RADIUS. It's not long, but it isn't light reading. It is well-written and I do recommend it for an overview of the protocol.

There's a new version of Trillian out, which I installed on my test laptop under XP today. I hadn't used Trillian in awhile. So far it works quite well, and feels more like a Windows app than does GAIM. I think I'll stick with it for now. Kopete remains my preferred IM client when running Linux.

Finally, I subscribed to the MacAttorney mailing list. I still retain some interest in the practice of law and should I resume it, I'm leaning in the direction of using my iBook. The mailing list will help me get up to speed on what Macintosh apps are out there suitable for using in a law firm.

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