Friday, February 24, 2006

Next Rally Point Shoot March 19th

As posted by Jamie Young on TRP:

PA-Rally Point CCW/Home Defense gathering - Sunday, March 19th
Place: Indoor pistol range
Date: Sunday March 19th
Time: 12pm-6pm

It will only cost you $10 if you are there between 12pm-3pm and $15 per hour from 3pm-6pm. I've made special arrangements for to bend the rules on bringing ammo. You are allowed to bring your own ammo as long as it is no reloads, no wolf and no blazers. No calibers above 44 Magnum and velocities must be below 2000fps. Ammo will be inspected when entering the range. I promised the owners that nobody would bring reloads or steel case ammo, so please don't attempt to sneak anything in. Double Action will have ammo, targets, glasses, ear plugs ect. but ammo costs are $11 on up from 9mm-44mag.

Event Theme:

I'll ask everyone to bring your CCW and HD gun and any cool things you have for them (as long as they don't violated shooting range rules).

These shoots are pretty darn close to being gun shows so you are more than welcome to show off. Please mark all of your gear and accessories so people do not get things confused. There will be snacks and drinks available and I'll work on getting some kind of lunch deal worked out.

Please from various gun boards will be coming. We have a pretty big following on :

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