Saturday, April 08, 2006

Selecting Cap and Ball Revolvers

Yesterday, I posted a revised version of my article Selecting, Shooting, & Caring for The Cap and Ball Revolver over on my website, here. I hope some readers find it useful.

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Don Armstrong said...

Davew, I've sent you a nit-picky proof-reading e-mail separately. Here, I'll mention that IANAL - which stands for I am NOT anal - or I am not a lawyer. Even were I one, not my jurisdiction - I'm Australian.

HOWEVER, from my reading, I get the impression that cap&ball revolvers often don't count as banned firearms for those poor suls who are being worked over by women's lieyers in divorce proceedings. I won't go into the emotion-laden results of being screwed by a woman's lawyer who could still find big oil in Texas - suffice it to say that we all know the lies happen, and the legal system (misnamed "justice") supports them even though it knoww they are generally false.

Fact is, cap&ball revolvers often allow the male victims (unlike most males, there are very few female victims - if they get found guilty, they are almost all big time guilty) to have a means of self-defense, despite the wishes of their former spouses.