Tuesday, January 09, 2007

UniTTY Multi-Protocol Client

This morning I ran across UniTTY, a free-as-in-beer client for SSH, SCP, SFTP, Telnet, and VNC (including built-in VNC-over-SSH tunnelling). Mutliple terminal sessions can be run inside one window, using tabs. While the support for all those protocols is itself impressive, even more so is that it's cross-platform, being written in Java. Downloads for Windows, OS X, and Linux are available.

I installed the OS X version on my iBook G4, fired it up, and SSHed to a client's mail server. My first impression is favorable. Connection preferences can be saved in bookmarks in XML files, so if those prefs files are stored on a network share or copied between machines, one should be able to access them from more than one computer. Handy.

I plan to work with it a bit more before pronouncing it as a Good Thing, but I'm already leaning in that direction.

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Anonymous said...

How is the speed of UniTTY on your Mac? I haven't tried UniTTY on a Mac yet, but just installed it on a Windows/Dell/Core Duo laptop. Scrolling is painfully slow in UniTTY, including the automatic scrolling that occurs when new lines are printed to the terminal after you filled up the initial blank screen. I own 2 Mac laptops (PowerBook G4 and MacBook Pro) but I haven't gotten around to trying UniTTY on them yet. I have to use the Windows laptop for my job, we currently use PuTTY to manage several Linux servers, but I was looking for something with the single window, multiple sessions, tabbed interface. On my Mac I am mostly content with Apple's Terminal app, except I wish it had a tabbed interface as well. However, UniTTY is too slow on my Windows machine, so I'll probably stick with PuTTY until I find something better. Cheers.