Friday, September 26, 2008

Philadelphia's Gun Laws Struck Down

A victory for the rule of law:

Commonwealth Court on Friday dismissed a lawsuit against the legislature filed last year by two members of Philadelphia's City Council (related stories).  The court says several gun ordinances the council passed last year include language saying they can't take effect unless the legislature allows municipalities to enact stricter laws. That hasn't happened.
Those measures would have limited gun purchases to one a month and banned assault weapons....

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Pennsylvania law is clear to anyone who can read on a 6th grade level.  Only the state government is allowed to regulate firearms, localities are not.  I just heard on KYW-1060 AM that the city will probably appeal to the state supreme court.  Thankfully, the last time Philadelphia tried to enact its own assault weapons ban, the state supreme court smacked it down hard.

The law is so clear that Philadelphia should be forced to pay the attorneys' fees and costs of the parties challenging their patently illegal ordinance.

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you, government exists to make hundreds of millions of dollars for shyster scum. Any six year old can read the law, but the city council will put millions of dollars into the pockets of hired shysters to argue it and the judges will take their bribes and puppet whatever their masters want.
I think the voters should vote on paying the shysters bills. The options should be: 1. Pay 2. This is just a rip off, and the lawyers will pay 100 times the amount they tried to steal, plus interest.

Who notes in Ohio one law firm got over half a million dollars in the tobacco settlements for 30 days work! No itemized bill was required.