Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mac Mini

Unlike RBT, when I saw the Mac Mini and was impressed. Yes, expandability is limited. Yes, the specs don't "wow" me. Yes, you can get an equivalent PC cheaper. But, this is the cheapest way to get a box that will run Mac OS-X.

Let's say you get a cheap PC with Windows. It still needs an antivirus program, multiple antispyware apps, and a lot of ongoing maintenance to ensure it doesn't get rooted by viruses, trojans, and other assorted crap out there. And while Linux has made huge strides in usability (in many ways it's better than Windows), many specialized commericial apps won't run on it but are available for Mac. Also, Linux printing often remains a real bitch and a half to get running.

A Mac Mini, on the other hand, basically allows you to unbox the unit, hook everything up, and it all just works. The form factor of the Mini gives greater flexibility in where you stuff it, and compared with an eMac or iMac, you won't be tossing a perfectly good display when you replace the box in a few years. For a power user a Mini Mac isn't the right solution but as a second computer or a computer for a kid's room it looks like it would do nicely.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the new Mac mini provides an inexpensive way to get a desktop Mac. Plus I think that a lot of Mac hardware just looks cool. The mini isn't quite as cool looking as the old Mac cube, but nice. It should also be powerful enough to be a second computer for basic web browsing and such for a few years. My only concerns are if the graphic system will have enough ponies to run the next GUI, and how much the upgrade will cost if you get a Mac mini right before the next OS release. Other than that I think my wife might need to get one of these in a bit.

Brett E.

Dave Markowitz said...

I can't attest to this myself, having so recently rejoined the Mac fold, but I've read comments by some Mac-o-philes to the effect that each release of OS-X gets faster (as opposed to how things work with Windows).

I guess I'll find out when Tiger is released.

Anonymous said...

A basic PC may be cheaper But if you buy a copy of WinXP and a copy of MS Office you may find the same size of hole in your wallet. And your system won't be reliable and stable.


Dave Markowitz said...

Sjon: Yup!