Monday, January 17, 2005

Neal Knox in ill health

This was posted on 1/14/05 by Tom Gresham ("Guntalk") over on THR:

Many of you know or know of Neal Knox, who has been a tireless fighter for the Second Amendment for more than three decades. Today I received this from Jeff, his son.



You probably know that Dad has been fighting cancer
for the past year... He's taken a serious turn for the

At this point, the doctors have given up and sent him
home with hospice care. We're doing what we can but
mainly it's controlling the pain and praying. Unless
God decides that He has more for him to do here, the
end could come any time.

I wanted you to know.

You're welcome to let people know about this and
prayers are encouraged.


Tom Gresham, Host
Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show
This is truly sad news. During the last three decades, Neal Knox fought more than any other one person for our Second Amendment rights. I got the chance to meet him and shake his hand at the 1998 NRA Convention, shortly after the "Winning Team" disgracefully refused to let him speak.

IMO, the best way we can honor Neal Knox's memory is to be as vigilant in the defense of our RKBA as he was.

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