Monday, February 28, 2005

Yugo night sights

My dad was over last night for dinner and afterwards we checked out the new toys we picked up on Saturday. At his suggestion I lit up the night sights on my Yugo SKS to see if then they'd glow in the dark. To my surprise, this worked. I have to wonder if they really are tritium, or just glow in the dark paint.

He brought his new Colt Police Positive Special over for me to look at. It was made around 1960. The blueing is really nice and it wear a set of Pachymar Presentation ruber grips, which aren't original although they do have the Colt medallions. The gun's single action pull is OK but the double action is typical Colt: on the heavy side and it really stacks towards the end of the trigger stroke. Blecchh. How anyone could prefer one of these over a S&W K-Frame is beyond me.

One thing the PPS has going for it is that it's light. In fact, it's basically a 4" version of the Colt Detective Special 2" snubby. Unloaded weight is around 26 ounces, which would make it easy to tote. By way of contrast, a 4" K-Frame like my Model 15 is over 30 ounces unloaded.

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