Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pluto Data Scam

I just sent this to the Daynotes Backchannel:

Hi all,

I just got hit by the "Pluto Data" scam. I called my credit card issuer and they're going to dispute the charge. I should have a credit back to my account in 3 business days. In the interim I've deactivated the card; the issuer said that closing the account would hurt the fraud investigation. Assuming this goes in my favor the account will definitely be closed, though.

Bascially what the scammers do is place a charge on your credit card for $29.99 or $39.99. There's an 888 number for Pluto Data on the credit card statement. Other folks who've called the number get informed it's for a DVD or CD that they didn't order.

the working theory the perpetrators seem to be using is that at $30 - $40 charge when mixed in with a bunch of other items on a statement won't be noticed, or if noticed, ignored. Luckily, I hadn't used the card at all last month so when I saw the Pluto Data charge it immediately raised a red flag.

There is a long, detailed thread about this on the Broadbandreports.com forums:


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People who commit this kind of fraud should be hanged, drawn and quartered.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the information you provided. My husband just viewed his credit card charges online yesterday (3/1/05) and found a charge from Pluto D. It was for $19.99. There was also a charge on there for phone cards and some other pending charges. He cancelled his credit card - you really have to monitor your account closely. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I also got hit with this scam. I would hope the authorities would find out the parties behind this & set an example (i.e. put these people away for a long time) I also called my card company & had a credit to my account within a day & later closed the account. Seems like the card companys should have some type of early warning system to alert each other when a scam is going on.

Anonymous said...

I got hit with this too. We're over at dslreports.com discussing it and trying to find a way to catch these guys. Be sure to check out that link for more information.

BTW, glad to see another shooter in on the hunt for Pluto Data! Stop on over at familyfriendsfirearms.com sometime!