Friday, March 11, 2005


I spent this morning trying to get our Symantec IGear license reactivated. We purchased a renewal last month from one of Symatec's resellers but they sent the new license certificate to the wrong person here. As a result, the old license was allowed to lapse. I got shunted around by Symantec to several different department until finally I was pointed at a web page to enter in the IGear serial number and the new license number. Everything should be back up and running once our Qubes do their daily check-in. What a massive PITA. I'm glad it's Friday.

This afternoon I ordered a 512 MB SODIMM from Crucial to upgrade the RAM in my Apple iBook. It still has the stock 256 MB which is on the light side for OS-X. Usable but by no means optimal. 512 MB is usually the recommended minimum. Since the iBook has 1 free slot I'll have a total of 768 MB, which should be plenty.

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