Thursday, April 14, 2005

A bit of a scare, but back to normal now

We had a bit of a scare yesterday but things turned out OK.

At about 1100 the daycare called Judith and told her that Alexandra had fallen, banged her head, and they were concerned that she might have a concussion. Aside from a cut on the back of her head, her pupils were dilated.(*) Needless to say, we both left work. Since Judith drives and I had to wait for the next train she got to Alexandra before I did and had her checked over by our pediatrician. It turned out that she's OK, that the fall just rung her bell, so to speak. But as you can imagine I didn't get anything productive done yesterday afternoon. She was fine this morning.

Today I've been working on a white paper discussing the efficient use of a limited number of public, routable IPs. Its intended audience is our customers, since we're rolling out a static IP offering for our commercial cable modem service, as well as our salespeople, so that they get a better understanding of the tech they're selling.

This afternoon I have a phone call scheduled with one of our vendors of new network management system used for some of the RF-to-Ethernet gateways that we use in our hospitality product.

* - One dilated pupil is a good indicator of a concussion. If only one is dilated, something ain't right.

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