Monday, April 25, 2005

The GeekWithA45 rants, then get lucky

GeekWithA.45 has a must-read rant about a recent experience at Worst Best Buy. I've disliked Best buy for quite some time and this just reinforces my feeling.

He follows up his rant with some good news, though. He scored a Marlin Camp .45 last week.

Like the Geek, I got my Camp .45 last year at Seneca Arms. Mine wears a cheapo BSA red dot (got it for free). It's quite accurate -- 25 yard groups are one hole slightly larger than a .45 bullet. The furthest I've shot it is 50 yards, and there's a perceptible lag between the time you pull the trigger and you hear the SMACK of the bullet hitting the target.

If you pick up a Camp .45, definitely replace the OEM recoil spring, which at 11 lbs. is way too light. I'm running a 16 Lb. Wolff spring in mine and considering the 22 lb. spring. Also, keep the screws holding the gun in the stock tight so that you don't crack the wood under recoil. One of these days I plan to pick up an extra bolt buffer as well.

Do a search on THR and you'll turn up some good info on the Marlin Camp Carbines, which are unfortunately no longer made.

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