Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In class today

Today was spent attending the PBI's 2005 Internet Law Update downtown in the Wannamaker Building, a block from my office. The course was worth 5 substantive and 1 ethics credit, so I'm now up-to-date for my annual CLE requirement. (I'm in the compliance group whose year ends April 30th.)

Overall, the course was excellent.

During the lunch break I hung out a Love Park at 15th & JFK, since the weather was nice and there's free wifi. Unfortunately, while I my iBook's Airport card was able to associate with the WLAN I didn't pull an IP. I suspect the DHCP scope was exhausted. I was able to associate with a WLAN having the SSID "linksys," yes, some dufus had hooked up a Linksys wireless router and done squat to secure it. I figured, "WTF," and did a quick check of my email. The connection was dog slow, so I figure that I wasn't the only freeloader.

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