Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a nice long weekend. I took off last Thursday and Friday, so it was like a mini-vacation.

Last Thursday I went back up to Wicen's with my AK and AR-15. On my drive up and on my return, I got to see the US Navy's Blue Angels practicing for the airshow held 5/27 - 5/29 at Willow Grove NAS. F/A-18s are cool!

Anyway, the weather was crummy Thursday so I had the range pretty much to myself. I put another 100 rounds of Wolf 7.62x39 through the AK without a hitch. I also ran 55 rounds of Federal XM-193 through the AR-15 using the same 20 round NHTMG mag that didn't work in my AR-180B. It works fine in the AR-15, so I've concluded that my AR-180B probably needs a trip back to ArmaLite. Or, maybe I'll trade it off towards something less finicky.

Friday the 27th was my birthday. I hit the ripe old age of 37. The weather was nice and I took Alexandra to Sesame Place. She enjoyed herself, but was a bit freaked out by the people dressed up in the Elmo, Zoe, and Baby Bear suits. Hopefully by next year she'll be able to get into it more.

Not much doing on Saturday. I wanted to barbecue, but the weather didn't cooperate.

Yesterday we got together with the guys who've I've been friends with since high school, or longer. Now we're all married with kids. We all gather a few times each year to swap updates and bag on each other about the weight we're gaining or the hair we're losing.

Unfortunately, on the way over to my friend's house the "Check Engine" light on my Expedition came on and the truck started running roughly. I turned around and we moved everything over to Judith's car to go on over. I looked in the owner's manual today and the C.E. light means that something related to the truck's emissions controls needs servicing. I'm going to drop it off at the corner service station tomorrow morning.

Today, I got up early and took care of the kids while Judith slept in a bit. Afterwards, I went out to REI and Barnes & Noble, but came home empty-handed. Following that I played around with fire in my backyard, as described in my previous post. We wrapped up the day over at my parents' for dinner.

Finally, let's not forget the real reason for Memorial Day. It's not about barbecues and farting around. It's to remember those who gave their lives in defense of our way of life, our very freedom to barbecue and fart around.

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DanS said...

A belated happy birthday!

Since I'm over 10 years older than you I can't call you an old man but feel free to use the phrase as applicable ;>

Aloha - Dan