Sunday, May 01, 2005

Range report

Last night I went to the range with my dad. He had his new S&W M-625, while I brought my Ruger Service Six and Old Model Single Six.

I'm finding that the Service Six take a lot more concentration to shoot well than my Smith &Wesson Model 15, due to the DA trigger. But when I get in the groove, it shoots really well. I put two boxes (100 rounds) of Winchester white box .38 Special 150 grain LRN through it. I kept a target with 18 shots fired double action into a hole that's about 1.5" edge-to-edge. Range was seven yards. The more intense practice should pay off in spades when I pick up a S&W.

I only put about 30 rounds through the Single Six. It seems to like the Winchester Super-X Power Points that I was shooting. When I didn't jerk the trigger the shots clustered together nicely on the paper, right near point of aim.

On the other hand, Dad's M-625 has the worst DA pull I've felt on a S&W revolver. And I thought Rugers came from the factory with bad triggers. It's a new gun with only a few hundred rounds through it, but it felt gritty, and it stacks badly. He attributes the grittiness to MIM (metal injection molding) parts. The contrast with the very smooth trigger on my older M-625 couldn't be more stark. If this is typical of new S&Ws coming from the factory, you couldn't pay me to buy one if they came out and used the agreement with the Clinton Administration as toilet paper. At least Dad shoots it well.

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