Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Testing Apple's Safari and Maill.app

Even though I've had my iBook since December, I can't say that I've really tried out Safari (Apple's KHTML-based browser) or Mail.app, the mail client included with OS-X. So last night I setup Mail to access my building-tux.com and davemarkowitz.net accounts, and I've been using Safari today for browsing.

Naturally, using Mail is taking some getting used to, since it does things differently from Mozilla Thunderbird. For example, the groups the Inboxes for my two IMAP accounts together, and in general, seems to have fewer configuration options. One thing I don't like is that there does not seem to be a way to disable the preview pane, something easily done in Thunderbird. Overall, though, my impression of Mail is positive.

Safari is a good browser. I haven't hit any pages today which it won't render, except for Blogger's composition page. The row of buttons which normally appers above the compose window is mostly absent. Other than that, it's been fast and stable. Of course, I miss certain Firefox extensions like Adblock, which is a killer tool, IMHO. As with Mail, my overall impression is positive, though.

Edit: Wow. I take that back about Safari not rendering any pages incorrectly. This blog looks like shit in Safari!

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Jon Hassell said...

I noticed that this weekend. I bought a Mac mini with Tiger and was surfing around, and it's interesting the pages that don't render correctly--they're ones you wouldn't expect. Safari seems to barf on moderately complex pages, but it does quite well on very complex and very simple pages