Wednesday, May 18, 2005

USB to IDE Adapter

This is neat. It's an adapter that allows you to connect an IDE drive via a USB cable to a USB port. Unlike external drive enclosures, you don't stick the drive in a box, you just plug it in. Something like this could be useful for pulling data off an old drive or making a disk image of an IDE drive for forensic purposes.

The advantage that I see over a conventional external disk enclosure is convenience. I wouldn't want to employ it for regular use.


Anonymous said...

Crazy silly thing is that they make the adaptor nice and stylish with a transluxent box and all. and then they throw in an ugly powersupply and connector with separate wires and such.
But it would be quite handy indeed.

Anonymous said...

I've had one in my spares box for about 18 months or so. Useful for what it does. I've also got a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter for attaching laptop hard drives. The big PSU makes it cumbersound to use though. Pity it couldn't be USB-powered.

-Neil Sherin