Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wireless Site Survey

For someone who's supposed to be in product development I seem to be going on a lot of site surveys lately. This morning I went on one at a five-star hotel in Philly that we're in negotiations with to sell them our hospitality product. In addition to Ethernet-based Internet access in all the rooms, the hotel's IT manager wants a complete wireless overlay.

The equipment we're planning to use is from BelAir Networks. This gear is high-end, not your average Linksys, Netgear, or Cisco. E.g., the units can be used to create a wireless mesh, run RSTP, and can be setup with multiple SSIDs bound to different VLANs. Very cool stuff.

So, today we hauled a BelAir 200 over to the hotel, set it up, and walked around with laptops checking signal strength around the hotel. I used MacStumbler running on my iBook. Based on the information gathered today, another engineer in my department will be putting together a proposal.

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