Wednesday, June 08, 2005

BitDefender Antivirus Trial Wrap Up

I've finished my 30-day BitDefender trial. In summary: I like it, but I won't be buying it because for my own use it isn't worth it. Were I setting up a corporate email server on Linux or *BSD for a client with Windows machines, I'd probably recommend it. There was a very noticeable decline in the amount of spam and viruses making it into my Inbox. That Said, since I mainly check email from my Mac, guarding against Windows viruses isn't a big deal, except for the time they take to delete.

Actually, I'm seriously considering going back to POP3 for anyway, using Pair's email server. Pair is in the process of upgrading their antivirus and antispam filtering, and I'm looking at taking advantage of them. Running my own server has been educational but at this point I don't really need it at home. I'm still pondering whether I want to do this.


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