Monday, June 06, 2005

Careful with that rack, Eugene

This morning I had an engineer for a video-over-IP-on-demand system we're looking at in our data center. He was to setup and demo the system. However, when we opened the equipment rack that the system came in, we were unpleasantly surprised. The front of the server mounted inside was missing the faceplate, the rack itself was bent in a few places, and the storage array's motherboard was half slid out the back of its chassis. Whoever shipped the thing either dropped it off the back of the truck, let something big hit it, or let the whole thing roll around in the back of the truck during transit. We documented the damage with a digital camera and the vendor will definitely be filing a claim with the shipper.

Despite the mess, it looks like the system will be usable. However, because they were a bit unclear on what we wanted to look at, they didn't ship a complete system as would be installed in a production deployment. So, he's returning tomorrow with some additional gear, and I'll get familiarized with it.

The system is based on a lot of open source software -- Linux, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, and get this: Plan 9. That is sure something I'd never thought I'd encounter on the job.

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