Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hakko 4x21mm scope first impressions

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Hakko 4x21mm scope for my Colt AR-15A3 from Although it's a flat-top, I decided on the carry handle-mount Hakko because for now I don't want to shell out more money for a BUIS. The scope came today. After S&H from NV to PA, the total cost came out to about $166.

Basically, this scope is the current production version of the old Colt 4x carry handle mount scope. IIRC, Hakko was Colt's OEM.

The Hakko came wrapped in a thin layer of foam packed in a cardboard box, along with a very generic instruction flyer, lens caps, and a lens cleaning cloth. After putzing with it for a minute or two I figured out how to mount it on my Colt.

The optics seem to be quite clear and the duplex reticle should allow precise aiming within the rifle's usable range. For a 21mm scope, it seems to have pretty good light gathering properties. After mounting it on my carbine I aimed at my kids' sandtable in the backyard. The sandtable was much more visible through the scope than through the irons. This was at about 8:45 PM, dusk.

I will post a follow up report after I get it to the range, which should be a week from Saturday.

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