Sunday, July 10, 2005

AR-15 & Hakko Scope Range Report

Last month I mounted a Hakko 4x21mm scope to the carry handle of my Colt AR-15A3. Today I was able to sneak out for an hour and a half to the range to try it for the first time.

My results were a bit frustrating. I got to the range only an hour and a half before closing time so I didn't really have enough time to troubleshoot why I couldn't get the windage correct. I placed my target at 50 yards, and with a center hold on a 100 yard smallbore target, my group was about 3" low near the left edge of the paper.

I think that out of frustration I cranked it over to the right too much and now my groups are off the right edge of the paper. I decided that until I can get to the range again with a larger target backer, I'd just be wasting ammo to continue trying to zero the scope. So, I took it off and shot the rest of the afternoon with irons.

Although the carry handle scope is mounted rather high, I can get a consistent weld on the stock using my chin, rather than my cheek.

I had better luck with the Wolff spring I put into one of my 20 round Colt mags. I have three old Colt magazines, the style with the aluminum followers. The springs in them seem a bit weak, so I got a 3-pack of Wolff extra power mag springs. I replaced one and was concerned that because it differed somewhat from the GI springs that function wouldn't be 100%. But based on today's outing it seems OK.

The Colt digested ~90-100 rounds today; 40 rounds of Federal/LC XM-193 Ball, the remainder Ultramax .223 Remington 55 grain FMJBT reloads. The XM-193 is noticeably hotter than the Ultramax, but the rifle functioned perfectly with both loads.

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