Sunday, October 02, 2005

A full weekend

We had a full weekend around here.

Yesterday morning I visited a client to clean up and secure one of his three PCs. I got one of them a couple of weeks ago and will probably go back to do the third in a couple of weeks.

After I got home from there, I hit Lowe's and picked up a shower curtain rod for the master bathroom, got that hung, and did a little touch up on the walls. There were a couple spots that needed to be patched after I painted and failed to remove the masking tape before the paint dried. (Duh.) I hit them with some drywall mud and now need to reprime and paint a few spots. But I got to break in the new shower. w00t!

Last night we had friends who we hadn't seen for a few years over for dinner. I barbecued boneless chicken breasts, and I have to say, I have that down pat. They were damn tasty.

This morning I visited another client who just moved and needed her home network rebuilt. While there I did the normal "fluff & buff," i.e., replaced an outdated install of Panda AV with AVG Free, installed Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware, and an antispyware hosts file. This was on her desktop and laptop, so it took awhile.


Don Armstrong said...

Could you please support me in my laziness and post a link to that hosts file? I've dug one out before and am using it still, but that was a while ago.

Dave Markowitz said...

Here ya go Don:

It's the first one that pops up in a Google search.

Blake Handler said...

Sorry about the recent problem -- but I'd like to add my 2 cents worth on the topic of AntiSpyware

While many people now know to keep their AntiSpyware programs updated -- most are oblivious that the software's default settings do NOT scan for all possible problems!

Software manufactures state that users don’t want to wait a long time for scanning, so they choose a (quicker) default scanning time. So to "properly" configure the software:

SpyBot Search & Destroy

1) Launch program and check for (& install) updates
2) Select “Advanced Mode” from the “Mode” pull-down menu
3) Click on the “Tools” button on the side toolbar
4) Select ALL Tools except for the “Bug Report” (only needed when troubleshooting the SpyBot program)
5) Click on the “Settings” button on the side toolbar
6) Click on “Ignore Products”
7) Select “All Products” – then right-mouse click on the list and “Deselect All” items, but (re)select “DSO Exploit”
8) (Re)immunize to include the newly included “All Products”
9) Click on “Check for problems”

Lavasoft’s AdAware

1) Launch program and check for (& install) updates [click on "Check for updates now" -- click "Connect" to continue, then "Finish"]
2) Click "Start" to begin scanning.
3) The first time requires that we configure the settings -- click on "Customize" (Change all items that are RED "X" (not grey) to GREEN "Check") -- Select ALL of your local hard drives
4) Click "Customize" to select this type of scanning
5) Click "Next" to begin scanning.


Microsoft’s AntiSpyware

1) Launch program and check for (& install) updates (under the File pull-down menu)
2) Click on “Scan Options”
3) Select “Run a full system scan’
4) Ensure that all check boxes are selected (as well as ALL of your local hard drives)
5) Click on “Save these options” then “Run Scan Now”