Monday, December 12, 2005

Comet GP-3

I went and ordered a Comet GP-3 2M/70cm antenna, along with a Cable X-Perts coaxial feed line from Gigaparts. The plan to to mount it on top of my house on a 10 foot mast, which I'll either attach to one of the plumbing vents protruding through the roof, or my chimney. I can pick up the mast and mounting hardware locally. It's being shipped UPS Ground so I don't expect it before the end of next week.

This should really improve the performance of my Yaesu FT-7800 at home.


Anonymous said...

Better check your building codes - Your local coded msy not permit attaching anything to the vent stack.

Anonymous said...

Hey which type of cable did you buy??
1) $50 CXP08XC100 -- 100FT RG8X Foam PE 95% Braid, Soldered and Tested Coax W/PL-259

2) $56 CXP008C100 -- 100FT RG8/U Foam PE W/PL-259, 95% Braid, Soldered and Tested Coax

3) $137 CXP1318FC100 -- 100FT RG8/U Double Shielded (Replaces 9913 and is closer to an LMR product) Flex Low Loss W/PL-259, UV Resistant & Direct Burial Jacket, Soldered and Tested Coax

and how do you like the antenna? I just bought a home and I would like to stick a ham shack in the basement. I'm thinking about running the cable up the brick chimney and mounting the antenna on top. I have direct access to the chimney and it's the highest point on my roof so I figured it would be my best option. Check out some pics of my house on my flickr account if you'd like. Hopefully my metal roof does not affect my radio's performance. :) Also feel free to check my blog out sometime.