Monday, January 09, 2006

Another week gone by

Please pardon the lack of posting. I'll try to do more frequent updates.

As mentioned in my last post, I downloaded John Ringo's Gust Front from the Baen Free Library. Like A Hymn Before Battle, it's very good military scifi. The series clearly owes a great deal to Heinlein's Starship Troopers, mainly with the powered battle armor. This is not a bad thing.

Yesterday while out doing errands I checked out the local Borders and Barnes & Noble to see if I could pick up a hard copy of The Watch on the Rhine, but struck out. I think I'll place an order for it and one or two more books in the series from Amazon.

Friday I received an order of some new AR-15 magazines and some spare parts from DSG Arms, down in Texas. This is the second time I've ordered from DSG and both were good experiences. The magazines are the GI-type 30 rounders, but have a black Teflon coating, rather than the GI moly coat. The black color better matches the rest of my AR-15A3 than the GI gray, but more importantly, the Teflon finish is supposed to be more durable than the moly.

The spare parts kit is an ArmaLite M15 Field Repair Kit, which I augmented with a couple each extractor O-rings, firing pin retaining pins, and extractor pins. I.e., little parts that would be easy to lose and without which the rifle won't function.

Last week's eBlast from MidwayUSA pointed me to their sale on Rifle Basix sears, on sale for $15 off. I have two on order, one for my Savage Mark IIGL and 93GL. I like both rifles a lot, as they are accurate and well made. Unfortunately they ship with terrible triggers. The Rifle Basix replacement sears should allow me to lower the trigger pulls down into the 2 lb. range which will enahnce practical accuracy. Reports when I get 'em.

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